We Are lifelong friends from Queens, N.Y. ... we have always been quirky and weird and attracted to filmmaking (sEXuAllY). Somehow with our debauchery we convinced others TO JOIN THE "CULT". WE JUST WANT TO MAKE ENTERTAINING STUFF AND BE ABLE TO eat booties like GROCERIES. ... WE WOULD ALSO love EXUBERANT AMOUNTS OF MONEY. I PROMISE I WILL NAME NAMES OF EVERYONE THAT HAS contributed A TON OF WORK FOR US SOON. I LOVE YOU ALL. THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH IS DOING WHAT YOU LOVE FOR A LIVING AND DOING IT WITH THOSE YOU LOVE.... WE ARE JUST SEARCHING FOR HAPPINESS AND TRYING TO MAKE OTHERS HAPPY ALONG THE WAY.  (CoPY and Pasted from my Tinder profile, please swipe right)                         
                 Pit Stop is a DYsfuNctiOnal Family aNd LovIn It